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1985 - Photo of Vince Stemaine, an unidentified woman, and Paul Howard in front of a scheduling board. Circa 1985.

1975 - Photograph, standing from left: Henry Horwege, Josie Triplett, Randy Dickow, James Johnston, Unidentified. Seated from left: Paul Howard, Bob Clark, two unidentified people. Photo by Al Noriega. Circa 1975.

1972 - Photo of the Administrative Council. Counter-clockwise from top left: John Collins (BC President), Yvonne Milliken (Associate Dean of Instruction), Bill Heffernan (Dean of Students), Ken Fahsbender (Associate Dean of Students), Dell Whetsler (Audio Visual), three unidentified men, Chuck Carlson (Downtown Center), Dick Harkins (Evening Division Dean), Paul Howard (Police Science), Harriet Sheldon (Director of Counseling), Victor Ste. Marie (Director of Student Activities), David Scott (Director of Research), Claire Larsen (Director of the Library) and an unidentified man. Circa 1972.