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1960 - c.1960's B/w photo of three unidentified individuals holding a Ben Olison Track banner.

1968 - Black and white . Unidentified players, All make a fist with one hand touching one another. Circa 1968.

1970 - c.1970 B/w photo of Bob Covey presenting unidentified student a metropolitan conference trophy.

1971 - c.1971 B/w photo of Walt Johnson giving a trophy to a unidentified individual.

1986 - c.1986 B/w photo of track team, Top Row: 4 unidentified, Ed S., Al B., Marty W., Chris J., Roger J., Brain W., Darin H., 2 unidentified, Bob Covey. Middle Row: Upton H., Dean M., Joe L., Blake B., Mark T., Greg B., Jose G., Derwin H., Phil F. Bottom Row: Rafurd A., Marty C., Troy D., Martin P., Fitzroy P., Rick S., Lawrence W., David P., Aaron C., Kenneth P.

1987 - c.1987, Color Photo of the Men's track team with coach Bob Covey, and other unidentified players and coaches. All outside in front of memorial stadium bleachers.

1989 - 1989, B/w photo of unidentified runner putting baby powder on his foot before running.