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1970 - Black and white photo.Picture (1) Unidentified holding guitar, while unidentified standing by microphone.Picture (2) A helicopter parked on lawn with 3 unidentified children. Circa 1970.

1970 - Black and white photo.Headshot of unidentified women. Circa 1970.

1973 - Black and white of four unidentified men with one unidentified women. Circa 1973

1973 - Black and white unidentified group picture with some sitting on desk and the rest standing in back of them. Circa 1973

1973 - Black and white of three unidentified men with suits. Circa 1973

1973 - Black and white with a unidentified women sitting at a desk with four unidentified people standing around her. Far left is Bill Finch and next to him is Jim Turner (both coaches) Circa 1973

1/1/1990 - 9 unidentified photos of coaches, mid 1990's

1/1/1990 - 2 unidentified photos from athletics, mid 1990's