Fourth Quarter 

 Text Bailey & Scott, Diagnostic Microbiology 




Book Chapters



Tuesday 1:30-3:00

Basic Microbiology Techniques and Safety Specimen Collection, Processing & Handling

Lecture 1 Safety and Basic Microbiology Techniques

Part 1

Chap 1, 2, 4

On your own

Skim this section

Scientific and Laboratory Basis for Clinical Micro 

Lecture 2 Infection Control, Microbial Taxonomy, Bacterial Genetics, Host Microbe Interaction

Part 2

Bacterial Considerations by Taxonomy


Thursday 1:30-3:00

Gram Positive Organisms

Gram Positive Cocci    Gram Positive Rods

Part 3 Sections 1-5

On your own

Review GP tests

Identification tests and strategies

Part 3

Pages 263-283


Thursday 1:30-3:00

Gram Negative Organisms

Gram Negative Enterobacteriaceae & Special GNR

Part 3 Sections 6-9


Tuesday 1:30-3:00 

Uncommon or Unusual Gram Negative Organisms

Other Gram Negative and Oxidase Positive GNR

Anaerobic Organisms


Mycobacteriology and other odd bacteria

Part 3 Sections 10-13

Diagnosis by System


Thursday 1:30-3:00

Infections of the Lower and Upper Respiratory Tract

Respiratory Cultures

Infections of the Eyes, Ears, and Sinuses

Eyes, Ears and Sinuses

Part VII Chap56, 57, &  59


Tuesday 1:30-3:00

Blood Culture

Blood Infections

Meningitis and CNS Cultures

Infections of the Nervous System

Cultures from Sterile and Miscellaneous areas


Part VII Chap 55, 58, 64


Thursday 1:30-3:00   

Urine & Genital Area Cultures

Urinary and Genital Cultures

Wound infections

 Skin, Wound and Soft Tissue Infections

Part VII Chap 60, 61, 63


wednesday 1:30-3:00       

Gastrointestinal Cultures

Gastrointestinal Infections



Part VII Chap 62

and Part IV

12/28/06 Thursday

Mycology Mycology, Virology Virology

Part V and VI


Microbiology Review & Exam





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    Bacteriology Quiz Part 1 -

    Bacteriology Quiz Part 2 -

    Bacteriology Quiz Part 3 -

    Bacteriology Quiz Part 4 -


Microbiology Websites

bulletAmerican Society for Microbiology
The American Society for Microbiology is the oldest and largest single life science membership organization in the world.

bullet The "Bad Bug" Book
This handbook, developed by the Food and Drug Administration, provides basic facts regarding foodborne pathogenic microorganisms and natural toxins. Some technical terms have been linked to the National Library of Medicine's Entrez glossary.

bulletCELLS Alive!
Check out this site for unique images of microorganisms that make you sick, and the blood cells that do battle to keep you well. Includes links to sites offering further information on microbiology, infectious diseases and cell biology.

bulletThe Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
One of my favorite sites is the CDC homepage as I can get recent statistics on various diseases. This year I was able to download stats on the occurrence of HIV is both females and in California and give them to my students as we started our AIDS unit.
(Theresa Peters, '96 AE Fellow)

bullet The Digital Learning Center for Microbial Ecology
This project uses computers and network technologies to help students and teachers learn about microbial ecology, and to help make educational resources concerning microbes readily available. The web site includes a virtual field trip through a microbial zoo, "microbe of the week", and stories from the popular press related to microbiology and microbial ecology.

bullet Doc Kaiser's Microbiology Website
This site has 500 pages of text, more than 1000 illustrations, photographs, and photomicrographs, and around 200 animations. Although it is designed primarily for students preparing for an allied health profession, the information is accessible an informative.

bullet A Dose of Pox
An interactive tutorial that steps you through the discovery and ultimate eradication of smallpox using a series of questions. At each step, information and images are provided to help broaden ones appreciation of this scientific feat!

bullet The Emerging Infections Information Network (APEC EINet)
News and background info on emerging and re-emerging diseases. Don't miss their "News Briefs" and the free web course "Emerging Infections of International Public Health Importance".

bullet Medical Microbiology Textbook This website contains the entire Medical Microbiology textbook by Baron. The textbook includes all the images and figures in the printed form of the text. A wonderful resource for those teaching a medically related microbiology section in their biology courses.

bullet Microbial Underground
Huge site on all aspects of microbiology, with many useful links.

bullet Microbes in the News
Wondering which microbes are making news these days...from the dangerous...and strange? Links to reports from a variety of sources are available at this site housed at Michigan State University.

bullet Microbiology, Bugs in the News!
Lots of information, with pictures on microbiology. Read about cryptosporidium, AIDS and HIV, flu, E. coli, the immune system and lots more.

Published by the American Society of Microbiologists, MicrobeWorld features both introductory and in-depth information on microbes and microbiology topics, a weekly microbial news digest, and hands-on activities.
An indepth, well organized, site with annotated links to industrial, environmental, medical and veterinary microbiology and much more.

bullet Parasitology
bullet The Microbiology Video Library
Computer graphic animations of microbiological phenomena such as bacteria swimming, phagocytosis and the way penicillin kills cells can be found at this site. Also included are quicktime videos that can be used in the classroom to demonstrate aseptic techniques...such as the proper way streak an agar plate to obtain isolated colonies of bacteria.

bullet Society for General Microbiology
An extensive list of links to microbiology resources including professional societies, publications, and online materials.