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PowerPoint 2010: Chapter 2 Multiple Choice


1.      The ____ slide introduces the presentation to the audience.

a.      master

b.      title

c.      primary

d.      content


2.      Each presentation template has 12 complementary colors, which collectively are called the color ____.

a.      background

b.      wheel

c.      set

d.      scheme


3.      The Transparency slider indicates the amount of opaqueness. The default setting is ____, which is fully opaque.

a.      0

b.      100

c.      -100

d.      50


4.      For each theme, PowerPoint provides ____ background styles with designs that may include color, shading, patterns, and textures.

a.      6

b.      12

c.      18

d.      24


5.      The Increase Font Size buttons on the Mini toolbar and in the Font group (____ tab) enlarge the selected characters in predetermined amounts.

a.      Home

b.      File

c.      Design

d.      Review



6.      The mouse pointer changed shape by adding a paintbrush to indicate that the Format ____ function is active.

a.      Cleaner

b.      Duplicator

c.      Master

d.      Painter


7.      Circles, squares, and triangles are among the geometric shapes included in the ____ gallery.

a.      Shapes

b.      WordArt

c.      ClipArt

d.      Photo


8.      Some ____ are shadows, reflections, glows, bevels, and 3-D rotations.

a.      samples

b.      properties

c.      effects

d.      themes


9.      PowerPoint gives you the option to change the line ____, or thickness, starting with point.

a.      bevel

b.      edge

c.      weight

d.      feel


10.   Many PowerPoint transitions have options that you can customize to give your presentation a unique look. To access this feature, click the ____ Options button (Transitions tab | Transition to This Slide group).

a.      Effect

b.      Style

c.      Transition

d.      Slide