Word 2010: Chapter 1 – Multiple Choice


1.     By default, Word positions text you type at the ____.

a.      left margin

b.     right margin

c.      center tab

d.     bottom tab


2. Word flags a potential error in the document window with a wavy underline. A ____ wavy underline means the flagged text is not in Word’s dictionary (because it is a proper name or misspelled). 

a.      red

b.     blue

c.      yellow

d.     green


3.     At some point when you type text or insert graphics, Word probably will ____ the top or bottom portion of the document off the screen.

a.      crop

b.     scroll        

c.      drop

d.     drag


4. The default font size in Word typically is ____.

a.      9

b.     10

c.      11

d.     12


5. The default theme font for headings is ____.

a.      Calibri

b.     Cambria

c.      Arial

d.     Times New Roman


6.     ____ text has a slanted appearance.

a.      Sans serif

b.     Underlined

c.      Bold

d.     Italicized


7.     When the Mini toolbar appears, it initially is ____.  

a.      blue

b.     red

c.      green

d.     transparent


8.     ____ characters appear somewhat thicker and darker.

a.      Bold         

b.     Italicized

c.      Underlined

d.     Serif


9.  Resizing includes ____ the size of a graphic.

a.      enlarging

b.     reducing

c.      both a. and b.

d.     neither a. nor b.


10. The default spacing above (before) a paragraph in Word is 0 points and below (after) is ____ points.

a.      0

b.     5

c.      10

d.     15