PowerPoint 2010: Chapter 1 Multiple Choice

1.     A _________ is a segment of text with the same format that begins when you press the ENTER key and ends when you press the ENTER key again.

a. worksheet
b. paragraph
c. line
d. slide

2.     The font defines the appearance and shape of the _________.

a. letters
b. numbers
c. symbols
d. all of the above

3.     ____________ text has a slanted appearance.

a. Italicized
b. Bold
c. Roman
d. Layered

4.     Creating a lower-level paragraph is called ____________.

a. resizing
b. shrinking
c. demoting
d. promoting

5.     Which of the following can be used to choose a slide layout?

a. Layout gallery
b. Ribbon
c. Outline Master
d. Slide viewer

6.     A __________ is the mode in which the presentation appears on the screen.

a.      font

b.     pane

c.      view

d. clip

7.     The ____________ task pane allows you to search for clips using descriptive keywords.

a. Art Viewer
b. Clip Art
c. Organizer
d. My Collections

8.     Sizing handles appear as ___________.

a. two headed arrows
b. small triangles and circles
c. a cross hair
d. small circles and squares

9.     A ____________ is a word or phrase that further describes the document.

a. mode
b. keyword
c. metadata
d. view

10.  When making a presentation, you use ____________ view.

a. Run
b. PowerPoint
c. Slide Show
d. Standard