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How to Manually Configure Bakersfield College Wireless Client



First Click on the wireless Icon in the Task manager Tray WiFi Icon      


Click on View Wireless Networks  View Wireless


Click on Change Advanced Settings  Change Advance  


Click on the Wireless Networks Tab  Wireless Network 


Click on the Add button to add a Wireless Network connection Add Wireless  


Newer devices will support WPA with AES encryption.

Older devices typically will only support WPA with TKIP encryption




Click on the Authentication Tab


Change the Authentication EAP Type to Protected EAP (PEAP)



Ensure that Authenticated as computer when computer information is available is checked


Click on the Properties Button


Ensure that Authentication Method is Secured Password (EAP-MSCHAP-v2)


Click on the Configure Button


Validate that automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any) is checked 


Click 'OK' four (4) Times to close the program and initiate the wireless connection.

IS Mission Statement

The Information Services department's goal is to provide a reliable technological environment that allows students, faculty and staff to carry out the mission of the college more efficiently.

Information Services provides the leadership in technological solutions for Bakersfield College. It maintains the data network infrastructure, all computer software and hardware and provides training to staff and faculty on matters of technology.