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Course description:
This one (or two) unit course explores the use of Maple to solve problems from diverse mathematical realms, ranging from elementary algebra through differential equations. Topics include creating 3-D animations, discrete and continuous dynamical systems, chaos, fractal generation, and programming in Maple.   

Who should take this course?
Despite the wide range of mathematical topics touched upon, this course is intended for anyone who has completed (or is currently enrolled in) beginning calculus. As we enter the 21st century, it becomes essential for students of engineering, physics, math, computer science, and other disciplines to be experienced in the use of software such as Maple. This course is an excellent way to gain such experience. If you've never heard of CAS (Computer Algebra Systems) or Maple before, or if you've been using Maple for years but would like to expand your knowledge of its capabilities, this course is for you!

Technical requirements:
Familiarity and experience with a web-browser (preferably Microsoft Internet Explorer), and access to a computer with Internet access. Access to Maple V (release 4 or later preferred), Maple 6, or Maple 7.

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