Bakersfield College Math Students

At the 2005 MAA Southern California Spring Meeting


Bakersfield College math student Matthew Scott presented a poster project at the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Southern California Spring Meeting at the University of Southern California on March 4, 2005.  Bakersfield College had the largest number of students and faculty attending the conference this year. 



Ideal vs. Actual Projectile Motion





Matthew Scott, Bakersfield College


This project started out with my interest in and experience with paintball artillery and the use of water balloons as a paintball mortar round.  My purpose was to determine the path of a water balloon when drag and weather conditions are taken into consideration. The main points from this investigation include a comparison of paths for controlled and uncontrolled weather conditions and a comparison of the ideal versus actual projectile paths. The results were used to derive an equation for use in the field.


Advisors:  Rebecca Head, Rob Parsons


Bakersfield College faculty and students at the Spring 2005 MAA conference, held at the University of Southern California.